From Concept to Creation: The Shindig Bespoke Process


Planning your custom event graphic design should be an exciting,  fun, and personal process. Shindig aims to kick things off on that foot. We offer complimentary face to face meetings if you are in the New York City or Philadelphia area. If you are farther away, but would love to work with Shindig, no problem! We work with clients the world over. All of our business can be conducted over the phone and email. 

The Personal Touch

We like to get to know our clients. During your consultation we’ll ask a lot of questions in an effort to find out who you are and help personalize your invitations and event graphics and create a mood for your event all your own. We encourage you to bring any inspiration, ideas, samples, swatches, photos, florals, knick-knacks, or anything else that will help us understand your vision for your event. See our list of services.

Moving Forward

There is no pressure to commit after your consultation. Go home. Let it marinate. Once you decide to move forward with Shindig we’ll take a deposit for the design fee and ask you to send over the information you’d like to appear on your invitation or whatever product we’re working on for you at the moment. 


We’ll design two design proofs for you to choose from. They’ll arrive in about two weeks after your deposit is paid in PDF format via email. Each proof will have an itemized estimate so you’ll know exactly what costs what. 

You can choose either design as it exists or combine elements from both. Add, subtract, flip-flop, swap, change color, font…we look at the first round as a narrowing down, not set in stone, so be as thorough as necessary and don’t hold back during the initial critique. We want you to have invitations you love!

Based on your comments we’ll design a final proof. Delivery of the final proof marks the end of the design phase. Minor changes can still be made such as font sizing, color adjustments, and of course text based edits for as long as they are necessary.

If you feel the design is still not where you would like it on a grander scale, you can ask for a change order and we’ll rework your design at an hourly rate. 


Shindig is not responsible for text errors made to any printed piece. We paste all text provided by you straight into the designs and we spellcheck all documents, however with all of the proper names and places that appear on invitations spellcheck does not pick up half of the information. Therefore the ulimate task of proofreading is yours. Get as many eyes as possible on your proof. Shindig will send your proof back to you for approval for the smallest uncrossed “T”. As soon as you say, “GO” your project will go into production and not a second before. 

Production and Timing

When your project goes into production we’ll take a 50% deposit of the total estimated cost. Production time should take about 4 weeks, the entire process will take about 8 weeks. We recommend beginning your work with Shindig at least 4 months prior to your desired mailing date. 


Because our invitations and related products are created with each new client in mind, estimating price beyond a ball park figure prior to creating your design is a difficult task

For a general idea of pricing, packages start at about $2500 for 100 invitations. This includes graphic design of 4 pieces (usually invitation card, reply card, and envelopes), materials, flat printing, production, and assembly. Each additional piece or "layer" added to your invitation design, (envelope liner, ribbon, folder, etc.) will increase the cost. There is no minimum number of invitations you need to order and you do not need to order in batches, so you can get exactly the number you want. 

Party Products and On-site services

If you wish to continue working with Shindig to fully coordinate the graphic elements of your event we can discuss this at the initial consultation or at any time up to 6 weeks prior to your event. The only exception is if you wish any item be letterpressed. In this case it is better to have this prepared to go to print along with your invitations, or at least 2 months prior to the event. Everything can be ordered a la carte. See our list of services.

Shindig also offers on site staging and assembly of our event products on the day of your event. We are happy to consult with or work along side your event planner or work in lieu of one. On site service is priced hourly and is surprisingly affordable. Travel and accommodation expenses are not included in the hourly rate.